Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CRM 2011 Cluster In-place Upgrade Part 2/3

 In Part 1 We have upgraded the first CRM web server as well as a the organization database.
Now we upgrade the other web servers that we have

2) Upgrading Any Additional web servers

Similarly run the setup on all the other web servers you have and follow the same screens as you did on the first one.

You will notice that you did not get a screen with the organization name this time and there is no mention of the database or reports in the system checks as the setup detected that
they have been upgraded already.

Again no mention of the organization in the setup summary.

This should take less time than before.

Repeat the same on any other web server you have
After you upgrade the last web server in your farm, update the web address from Deployment Manager -> right click "Microsoft Dyanmics CRM" on the left pane -> Properties -> Web Address.
Type load balanced IP/Name and port.

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