Monday, September 3, 2012

Rule "Network binding order" generated a warning

While installing an SQL failover cluster, the system checks generate this warning

Rule "Network binding order" generated a warning
The domain network is not the first bound network. This will cause domain operations to run slowly and can cause timeouts that result in failures. Use the Windows network advanced configuration to change the binding order.

First thing to check is the binding order from Network Connections -> Advanced -> Advanced Settings and place the domain network on top

If it was already on top then check for hidden NICs, see Finding and deleting non present devices in Windows Server

If that did not solve the problem either, then it is probably the Microsoft Failover Cluster Virtual Adapter. This happened to me when I configured the cluster while the domain network was not the top one.

Run this command to get the NICs IDs

wmic nicconfig get description, SettingID

Then place the domain NIC on top by editing the following registry key



  1. Thank you very much, i have lost time with this error.

  2. Thanks a lot man...u have done a great job....

  3. One more time, one more dba helped. Thank you!
    (from Granada, Spain)