Sunday, January 29, 2012

Configure a highly available virtual machine on a Hyper-V cluster

To make a virtual machine highly available on a hyper-v cluster:
  1. Create the machine on server as you normally do from Hyper-V Role in the Server Manager and store in the Cluster Shared Volume
  2. If the machine requires network access, make you sure the virtual network you attach it exists with the same name on all Hyper-V nodes
  3. From the Server Manager -> Features -> Failover Cluster Manager expand the cluster then from "Services and applications" click "Configure A Service or Application..." on  the Actions pane and follow the wizard as below

Choose "Virtual Machine" as the "Service or Application"

You will get a list of all non-clustered virtual machines on all your Hyper-V nodes. Choose the machine you created and proceed.

In the final screen you should a success report.
Now you can manage your machine from "Services and applications" in the "Failover Cluster Manager".
Start the machine and try moving it across your nodes to make sure everything is OK.

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