Monday, January 16, 2012

Permissions for exporting Hyper-V virtual machines to UNC paths

When you try to export a virtual machine to network share you might receive this error:

An error occured while attempting to export the virtual machine.

Faileld to copy file during export.

General access denied error (0x80070005)

To be able to export a machine to a network path, grant both Share and NTFS permissions on the destination folder to the user exporting the machine as well as the computer account of the Hyper-V server

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  1. This error could also happen even you are not trying to export the file to network shared folder!!!
    It can also happen if you rename the VM after installation, for example :(WINSERV1) to (WINSERV2) in this case if you try export the VM you get the same error.
    So you have to make sure that name of the server that you wont to exported have the same default name when the VM is created . or rename (.vhd) file to the new name. the 1st solution is better.
    For Contact:
    Taha Abdel Sayed Taha /IT Helpdesk Assistant